Forever Connected Healing Academy, a safe space where black people are supported, uplifted, motivated and encouraged to be their best self.

One love definition of black:

‎Black is a frequency that includes everything and nothing at the same point. Out of black all creation came, not to be seen as a color but a mindset of unity, oneness, completeness for all mankind. In Black we find commonalities that make us stronger together with a common goal to work towards our highest potential collectively. Black is strong, powerful, vibrant, the point of singularity and a driving force of unity for wombman and man to experience.

Frequently we live our lives as in-di-vid-ual-s, which is sometimes painted as apart from others where based on the Latin individuum meant "an atom, indivisible particle;" unable to be divided. With that expression of individuum one goal shall be to actively become a great body called man once again as One source! One Love!


The Academy is a well established force in connecting and uniting all black people for harmony on Earth now and for posterity. We have all resources to support, maintain and operate Forever Connected Healing Academy for Posterity. Communities are not only surviving but thriving with a firm presence in the knowledge and appreciation of self.
Who Am I?- Goals